Bappi Lahiri Age | Bappi Lahiri We Lost A great singer

Bappi Lahiri Age | Bappi Lahiri We Lost A great singer
Alokesh Bappi Lahiri Age, 70 years better known as Bappi Lahiri, was an Indian artist, record producer, and composer. His music contributed to the expansion of the integrated disco in Indian cinema. They have so many songs that are still popular today. Her songs are known the world over, and many have been featured by celebrities such as Madonna and Cher. they also sang their own songs.

Bappi Lahiri age & Dob

Bappi lahiri Born on 27 November 1952

Death 15/02/2022

His family members include the famous Bengali singer
Aparesh Lahiri and his brother Bansari Lahiri. The youngest
of the Lahiri family, Bappi grew up in a house full of musicians
and songwriters. From an early age, he developed a love for music,
and he started playing tabla at the age of three. He had two children,
Anurag, and became an advocate for the rights of artists and their work.

Bappi Lahiri song Listen Music

Although Lahiri remained popular among the masses, she was also a successful artist, with a wide range of professions. His latest album, Bappi Magic – The Asli Baap Mix, released in 2004, featured a hit song. The album contained popular songs such as Jimmy and Gori Hai Kaliyan. He has worked with many artists and composers and contributed to Bollywood sound.

Bappi Lahiri son

Bappi Lahiri’s death is a tragedy. He was a high-profile musician who dominated the music scene in the ’70s and 80s. He even brought disco songs to India. Unfortunately, Bappi Lahiri’s illness did not allow him to complete his assignment. He was hospitalized for 29 days before dying suddenly from asthma, which is the leading cause of death in Western lands. His son Bappa Lahiri and his daughter Rema are his children.

Bappi Lahiri image

Bappi Lahiri died of a number of illnesses on April 9.
Although he was released from the hospital, he had
several health problems. Her latest illness was obstructive
sleep apnea. Her health deteriorated and she had to be
hospitalized. Happily, he was able to recover from his
illness. However, she suffered from many other conditions
and died of obstructive sleep apnoea.

Bappi Lahiri singer

Amid the grief of Bappi Lahiri’s death, his work is remembered worldwide.
His most famous songs were from Bollywood films such as Baaghi 3
and Disco Dancer. In addition to his many hits, he had several albums
and a few shorts. In his career, he was known for his singing skills and
for his unique ability to capture the emotions of different people through music.

Bappi lahiri death date

Bappi Lahiri died Tuesday in a hospital in Mumbai. The veteran singer
was admitted to the hospital on Monday night and released on Tuesday.
Sadly, she died of an illness. He was held by the OSA for more than a
month. He was 69 years old at the time of his death and died on January
16. His last funeral is scheduled for Thursday. After his death, his music
will continue to inspire and delight audiences around the world.

Bappi Lahiri awards

Bappi Lahiri’s last film was Moana, a Disney 3D film-animated fantasy
adventure. He also wrote a song called Shiny and sang it. His last
Bollywood appearance was for the 2020 film Baaghi 3. In addition
to the many roles he has played, his music has been heard around
the world. He was a major figure in the Indian film industry and a
beloved member of the Bollywood community.

Bappi Lahiri about

The disco king of India is the Brahmin of Bengali. His parents were classical
musicians and musicians. His birth name is Alokesh Lahiri. they are so of his
parents were musicians and musicians and encouraged him to pursue his love
of music. After a short marriage, he met his wife, Chitrani Lahiri, and they got
married. Their daughter, Rema, was born in 1972.
Bappi Lahiri’s music has influenced two generations of Bollywood actors.
He was so a good disco pioneer in India, and his voice was often used by
Bollywood musicians. He has so been a highly regarded musician because
his enduring legacy will be so cherished for generations to come. If you are a
disco fan, Bappi has been a star and has been around since his childhood.
they have a good voice for singing.

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