4 Easy Rules Of Artificial Intelligence Notes

Artificial Intelligence Notes So far in the universe,

a human being is the only living creature found whom

nature (God) has provided the mind of intelligence.

It is due to this mind that a person becomes intelligent

and foolish too. A human being can use his mind properly

to reach the highest peak of progress and can also go

on the path of destruction through its misuse.

Evolution is the continuous process of the universe

where human beings interfered several times.

As a result, they also had to bear the dire consequences.

Apart from this, the use of highly skilled intelligence of

human beings in welfare works is seeing for thousands

of years. The result of this can be seen and understood

by everyone today. Whatever achievement we have

received from science has completely changed our

lifestyle. From eating and drinking to glimpses of it,

the medical field, the use of devices like internet

and mobile etc., are clearly visible in everywhere.

In HINDI Artificial Intelligence Notes

In the field of technology, human being has developed so much and now in this regards, trying to develop machine that can have the ability to work just like humans. However, preparations for this are already taking place and we are using and seeing such machines.

From a small calculator to computers, mobiles, satellite launches etc, it has been observed that the machine can do many tasks on its own without human intervention. Scientists from all over the world are involved in such work day and night related to creating a tendency to do work by machines like that of human beings. The development of human-like intelligence in the machine, the power to think, analyze and understand, can be completed without the intervention of human beings. Many films in Hollywood and Bollywood, have been made where machines are shown to be superior to humans.

The development of mind and intelligence develops naturally in the brain of humans. This development of intelligence in humans develops on its own by seeing, hearing, touching, and feeling. That is why such development happening inside human beings is called Natural Intelligence.

On the other hand, the brain and intelligence developed by humans inside machines or robots are called Artificial Intelligence. To date, no machine or human-like robot has yet been able to function fully like human beings. Apart from this, there is another trend in human beings that has not yet been developed in a robot or machine with Artificial Intelligence. Emotional feelings such as happiness, sorrow, laughing, crying, anger, etc. are seen in humans, but such emotional feelings have not yet developed in a robot or machine with artificial intelligence.

What are the consequences when human-like tendencies develop in robots or machines with artificial intelligence?

The results of some tasks are seen in long run. The work of humans to develop Artificial Intelligence in machines and robots increases day by day. It is impossible to measure the magnitude of human intelligence in their bran. Therefore, we can’t deny the possibility that in the days to come, all kinds of tendencies will develop in machines and robots similar to human beings. There is also a possibility that machines and robots become better than human beings. In such a situation, only two results can happen – DEVELOPMENT or DESTRUCTION.

Advantage of Artificial Intelligence

  1. Any type of problem can be solved as soon as possible by quickly detecting errors through Artificial Intelligence.
  2. Artificial Intelligence is proving to be very helpful in making decisions quickly and working fast.
  3. Like humans, robots and machines do not need to rest and able to work for long hours. Humans have not yet succeed in developing emotional feelings in robots and machines. This is the reason that robots and machines neither get frustrated nor tired while working.
  4. Artificial Intelligence can become a game-changer in the field of communication, defense sectors, health sectors, disaster management, agriculture, etc.

Demerits of Artificial Intelligence Notes

  1. The possibility of Destruction through Artificial Intelligence is a serious concern. If AI starts making big decisions on its own by doing the work of human beings and in the event of not being able to control them, then a dangerous situation can arise on all front.
  2. As the developmental phase continues in AI with the passing time, there is no doubt that in the days to come, maximum work of humans will be carry out by robots or machines and this will increase unemployment.
  3. This possibility cannot be rule out on developed AI that if robots and machines consider human beings as their enemies, then the entire human race can pose a serious threat. Due to this, along with the earth, there will be clouds of destruction in the entire universe and entire life can be destroyed.

Man is using Artificial Intelligence for his benefit in every field, but it also needs to be studied and pondered deeply without ignoring the potential dangers in future. Despite of all the advantages of using AI, the possibility of danger in it also cannot be ruled out. The time has come for humans to show their intelligence which can prove that Natural Intelligence is always superior to Artificial Intelligence.

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