Certificate of Character and Antecedent

Certificate of Character (Purpose and Significance)

COC and Antecedent is now become a Mandatory Document to be acquired  and, required for an Individual seeking for a job in Government as well as Private Sectors. Further, after completion of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education and based on fulfillment or non-fulfillment of certain eligibility criterion, students also needs to acquire Character Certificate which is required to produce during admission for higher studies in any reputed educational Institution in India and abroad.

Any Individual who is a Citizen of India and intended to contest for Assembly Election, Parliamentary Election, Panchayat Raj, and Municipal Bodies of Election have to acquire Character Certificate in respect of his/her Character and Antecedent before filing nomination against the same.

Any Individual applying for issuance of Passport at Passport Seva Kendra in his/her favour also has to acquire Character Certificate.

Certificate of Character

The COC and Antecedent of any Individual is generally issued by a Government Authority [Administrative Officers of IPS (Indian Police Service) and IAS (Indian Administrative Service) Rank]

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In normal situation (without any gap in education tenure), the head of school authority or Principal can also issue a Character Certificate of Good Conduct to students on account of his/her completion of Secondary or Higher Secondary Education  so as to get admission to higher educational institute for further studies.

In the present situation, it is seen that crime rates in any part of the world is increasing day by day. India being a second largest population of the world is always challenging the situation related to rise in criminal activities and control over it. The involvement of Individual irrespective of age in crime is a matter of serious concern.

So, for smooth functioning of any institute or agency by absorbing Individual/youths in various jobs, it is felt necessary to examine their character and antecedent. This is possible through Certificate Character & Antecedent of Individual. Once the Individual acquired this Certificate of Character & Antecedent from the appropriate government authority, it is well established regarding their non-involvement in any criminal activities and finally open the door of applying job in their respective field and other purposes.

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