Employment Opportunities in Banking Sectors

Although unemployment problem is one of the core issues for any nation and India being the second largest population of the world, there is always a good and regular effort by the Government of India to create Job Vacancies in various fields/departments. Despite of satisfaction/dissatisfaction among youths related to Employment Opportunities, the Government and Private Sectors are creating Job Vacancies for the engagement of the youth as per their Educational Qualification. Apart from this and due to limited number of vacancies created for job, there is regular conduct of Skill Development Programme cum Training for unemployed youth in different parts of the country where one can explore their hidden talents thus acquire a new path for their establishment as self employed.

The role of Banking Sectors in India plays a significant role in providing employment opportunities to unemployed youths depending on number of vacant post available and in accordance with educational qualification. The engagements of educated and unemployed youth in the jobs of Banking Sectors are primarily categorized as;

Employment Opportunities
  1. Probationary Officers
  2. Bank Clerk
  3. Customer Service Point

Probationary Officers (PO) are considered as Backbone of the branch. Management of Cash, Account Opening, Loan Disbursement, submission of Daily Reports related to activities of branch including achievement of Targets and so on are the primary assigned task. Such Probationary Officers of Branch are recruited through Exam conducted by Bank/Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS).

Bank Clerks are the frontline workers of any Bank Branch. The frontline task assigned to Bank Clerks are Account Opening, Fixed Deposit/RD Account Opening, Marketing of Various Products of the Bank, Passbook Entry/Updation etc. Such Clerical Jobs of Bank are recruited through Exam conducted by Bank/ Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS).

Employment Opportunities

At last but not the least, Customer Service Point (CSP) run by Kiosk Operators are the backbone of the society. These CSP are working under Business Correspondence (BC) Channels of the Bank as Kiosk Operators. The allottment of CSP in different location of the country is indeed a great relief for educated unemployed youth who are engaged as Kiosk Operators and providing continuous banking services to the far flung remote areas where establishment of Bank Branch is not possible. The people living in such area are availing almost all sorts of Banking Services with the engagement of Kiosk Operators of BC Channels of Bank.

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