SBI PO Salary in Hand: Salary Structure and Growth.

SBI PO Salary in Hand : State Bank of India is the largest multinational bank in India. It is one of the most trusted banks in our country in rural, suburban and urban areas. SBI comes under the category of systematically important banks which are “too big to fail”.

SBI provides a very good job opportunity. It recently releases the vacancy of probationary officers for its various branches across the nation. It is one of the most lucrative and respectable job in the banking sector and also provides a very high chance of growth. It provides you a job security and better opportunities for your future development.

sbi po salary in hand

SBI PO annual salary along with all perks and allowances is the most attractive part of this Job. SBI PO salary is inclusive of various benefits and perks that every officer is liable to get.

As per the present salary structure for banking employees, the basic pay is around Rs. 27,620/- for a month. This is only the basic pay and there are so many other components are also included in the whole salary which makes it one of most desirable jobs among the youth. Various other allowances are included in the salary are as follows-;

  1. Dearness allowance- It is almost 46.9% of the basic pay.
  2. House rent allowance- it depends upon the rural and urban accommodations – Rs 8000/- for rural area and Rs. 29500/- for urban or metro cities
  3. Medical allowances of 100% cover for employees and 75% for family members
  4. Traveling allowances – AC 2 tier is reimbursed for official travel
  5. Petrol Allowances – INR – Rs. 1100/ to 1300/
  6. City compensatory allowances- 3to4% depending upon posting area.
  7. Employee will also liable to concession on interest rest rates as you are employee of the bank.
  8. SBI also provides benefits of entertainment allowances, newspaper allowances or book allowances.
  9. Home travel, furniture and leave fare concessions are also in the list of allowances.

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Career Growth-

When an employee joins a bank they have the opportunity of availing growth with experience. A employee joins as an assistant manager can reach to the level of chief general manager in SBI which is the most respectable duty to serve as an individual.

sbi po salary in hand

The overall in-hand salary per month of SBI PO is Rs 40 -42k after tax deduction at the year of joining the bank which is about 6- 7lakh as a whole.

If you want to achieve a good and secure career in the banking sector of our country then SBI PO is a job for which you can try and achieve success in your life.



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