EPF Grievance (Employees Provident Fund) Grievance Management System

EPF ( Employees Provident Fund ) Grievance Management System 

The EPF Organisation is continuously active and always working for the​ welfare of employees. EPFO grievance management system is a platform where any employee can register his complaint online and resolve it in a specific period.

 If any person who has an EPF account or Unique Account Number is facing any trouble related to his account status, money withdrawal, claim, TDS, etc., they can easily lodge their complaint online in the grievance redressal mechanism EPFO.  

 It listens to all your complaints and solves all your queries and issues related to EPF, and does not take much time to solve the problem. You can lodge the grievance online and can check your pending status and issue-resolving status online. 

EPF Grievance:Following are the given problems for which the employee can complain- 

1. Issues related to your accumulated Provident fund and its Withdrawal

2. About pension beneficiaries and the forms related to EPS ( Form 10c)

3. Grievance redressal works instantly in case of misplaced cheque or returns.

4. Any issue regarding form 11 or transfer of provident fund.

5. Pension related issues like pension settlement etc.

6. Issues related to TDS and insurance.

How to register your complaint? 

All the registered members can go to the online portal and can lodge their complaints.

The process to register a complaint- 

1. First, you need to go to the official online website of the EPFO and then click on the grievance management section.

2. You can click on the “Register Grievance.”

3. When you enter the register grievance section, a web page will open; now, you have to select the status. You can choose your level—Provident fund, pensioner, employee, or other. You can choose accordingly.

4. You should input the details like the Universal account number (UAN) and the security code.

5. After this, all your personal and account details will automatically show on the screen.

6. Now, you will get the OTP on your mobile number.

7. Now, the grievance page will open, and in the grievance details section, you can input all the descriptions related to your issue.

8. You should also attach any file or document which is related to your complaint.

When you enter all the details of your complaint and submit it, you will receive your application’s registration number.

The EPFO verifies the details of your complaint and the documents, and then they are sent to the relevant authority for resolution.

EPFO will take almost 15-20 days to recognize and redress the issue altogether.

How to check the status of your complaint? 

You can also check the status of your registered complaint through the EPFO online portal.

For this, you need to visit the EPFO grievance management website and then click on the “view my status” section. After this, you need to fill in your complaint registration number that you will receive earlier when filing the complaint. After this, your application’s current status will be shown on the screen when you enter the correct security code.

EPF Grievance: What to do when your complaint the given time? 

Sometimes employees have to face various problems in their grievance redressal. So if your issue has not been resolved accurately in the given time, you can also send the reminder of your complaint on the grievance website.

For sending the remainder of your application, you can follow the same process, visit the official website of the EPF grievance management system and click on the 

“Send Reminder.”

Please enter your registration number and send the description of your complaint and its reminder again. After entering the security code, you can submit the reminder message. The reminder will send to the concerned authority of your department.

The whole EPFO grievance management system is continuously monitored, and they adhere to their timelines. The system is reliable and easy to useEPFO will also track the information of inoperative accounts. Employees can also lodge their complaints on social media like Twitter, Facebook, etc.

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