Green House Effect Images | Global Warming Essay in English

Earth is the third planet of the Solar System which revolves around the sun. It is the one and only one planet in our Solar System having a vast diversity of life. Due to its relatively stable temperature, it is unique and creates favorable conditions to live on.

The various security layers of air surrounding the earth from all sides are call

its Atmosphere and it is a mixture of many gases. The umbrella protects us from

rain and rays of the sun. In the same way, the atmosphere of our planet earth

also saves living organisms from the harmful radiation of the Sun.

Green House Effect Images

The stable temperature of our planet earth is gradually rising every passing year. Oceans are getting warmer,

significant changes in the climate are seen, glaciers are melting, and much more. Earth constantly receives

an enormous amount of radiation from the Sun on its surface in the form of light and heat energy which

includes harmful radiation too. However, due to the presence of a security layer in the form of the atmosphere,

radiation of the ray of visible light of the Sun along with Ultraviolet and Infrared ray has to pass through

it before it reaches the surface of the earth. The Ozone layer of the atmosphere blocks Ultraviolet

Rays to some extent from reaching the earth’s surface.

Some amount of ray is absorb by the earth’s surface and some, especially the Infrar Rays are sent back to space. The presence of various gases in the atmosphere traps this heat radiation and reemits it to the surface results in heating up of the environment. This incoming and outgoing radiation of the rays of the sun that warms the earth is called the Green House Effect and the gases involved in this process are call Green House Gases. The GreenHouse mainly includes Carbon dioxide, Methane, Water Vapour, ChloroFluoro Carbon, etc.


The Greenhouse Effect is similar to a GreenHouse made of glass in which plants that require protection from cold weather are kept. The glass cover allows incoming heat energy and not outgoing energy and accordingly, it keeps the inside environment warm. This is why the atmosphere acts as glass and traps the heat of the Sun. So, we can say that the Green House Effect is of great importance because it keeps our planet warm. In the absence of the Green House Effect, the temperature of the earth’s surface would be –40℃ or even less, and the existence of the life of the living organism is not possible.

There is a limit to everything and too much of it may be harmful or dangerous for us. If the plants in the Green House receive excess heat then it would burn. The same is applicable to our planet earth too. For the last so many decades, human activities in the name of development have changed the atmosphere of the earth in a dramatic way. The continuous increase in the amount of Green House gases trap too much heat, results in Global Warming and an increase in the earth’s average temperature.

Global Warming in Hindi

The effect of Global Warming is not limit to one particular area or a country but it would affect the entire planet. The existence of Global Warming is now familiar to all of us. Human-made Carbon dioxide emission is a major reason for it. Now, many nation of the world together to sign an International Treaty called the Kyoto Protocol whose objective was to reduce Greenhouse Gas emissions by an average of 5% against 1990 level.

The Citizens of the world can also contribute to reducing Global Warming in the following

  1. Planting more and more number of trees.
  2. Reduction in waste generation
  3. Minimizing the use of products that generate Greenhouse Gases.
  4. Energy-efficient appliances should be use.
  5. The fuel efficiency of vehicles needs to be increase.
  6. Renewable energy needs to be use more and more.


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