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Quotes for men’s day November 19 of every year has its own significance and marked as International Men’s Day which is celebrating worldwide annually. The purpose of the worldwide celebration of International Men’s Day is to encourage those ideal men who contribute to the well-being of Nation, Society and Community. In this particular day, the awareness program related to the Health of men conducted and all such topics including discrimination being faced by men are also discussed.

Top 2 femous Quotes for men’s day

1) Womens and childrens can be neglected, but not men
2) A man is always known by his work, not by his name

quotes for men's day

Perhaps many of us don’t know this special day of November 19 which is celebrated as International Men’s Day. It was started on 7th February 1992 by Thomas Oaster and later on it was revived by Jerome Teelucksingh and chooses November 19 to honor his father’s birthday.

The celebration of International Men’s Day was started in India in the year 2007 by the leading men’s rights organization India Family.

“Better Health for men and boys” is the theme of International Men’s Day 2020 which is mainly focused on the improvement and enhancement of health and well-being of the male population across the world.

quotes for men's day

The worldwide celebration of International Men’s day is of great importance because suicidal cases, homeless people (without shelter), murder, domestic violence, punishment as long term imprisonment on account of criminal activities, death in workplace, etc are found much more in men in comparison to women. Let the whole world understand the role model of men. The men, as a father of his son, as a husband of his wife, as a son of his old aged parents, as a brother of his sister/brother have sole responsibility for their look after. He is not only a bread earner of his family members but has strong willpower to make a decisive decision in case of an extra-ordinary situation raised. The duties or responsibilities of men are always towards the betterment of their family members, society, community, and nation as a whole. Despite mental depression in unavoidable circumstances, the duty and responsibilities of men continue which make them extra-ordinary.

Let the role of men towards promoting basic human values be always remembered by the International Community of the world by their active participation in worldwide celebration of International Men’s Day once in a year.

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