YONO SBI App | Features & Benefits | Free Registration Step by Step

YONO SBI – You Need Only One State Bank of India

YONO SBI: The self explanatory terms in the world of Digital Transactions is one of the greatest achievements of State Bank of India through which any SBI account holders can avail the benefits of it related to various transactions without physical visit to branch and get rid of problem against standing in long queue.

As of now, we can say that SBI has opened Branch in our Smart Phone through which one can do transaction as per their requirements without physical visit to designated branch of SBI and get relief from standing in a long queue.

In order to encourage Digital Transactions without involvement of any Physical Cash, SBI has launched officially a Mobile App which is now popularly known as YONO SBI. Considering the present requirements of SBI Customers, YONO SBI has been equipped with following features mentioned as under:


After login to YONO SBI, one can avail the benefits of the followings:

  1. ACCOUNT: By using this link, customers can do Balance Enquiry, generate/download and view Statement of their various accounts running in the branch.
  2. YONO PAY: By using this link, one can submit online CASH WITHDRAWAL request. Customers need to create 6-digit YONO CASH PIN and apart from this, on successful submission of online CASH WITHDRAWAL request, a 6-digit reference number (also known as YONO Cash Transaction Number) will be sent to Registered Mobile Number linked with the account. Further, these 6-digit YONO CASH PIN and 6–digit reference number (also known as YONO Cash Transaction Number) will be used during Cash Withdrawal Transaction at ATM/Merchant POS/Customer Service Point (CSP).
  3. BANK Account (Transfer to Own/Other Account): Using this link, the customer can transfer funds from their account to other SBI Account as well as Non-SBI Account of their family members or relatives or friends.
  4. BHIM UPI: It is the abbreviated form of Unified Payment Interface ID. It is like a Unique email ID which is generated on successful completion of One Time UPI Registration Process. Once the UPI ID gets generated, the same can be used for sending funds, receiving funds as well as in online shopping too.
  5. DEPOSITS: Through this link, one can open Recurring Deposit (RD), Fixed Deposit (FD) Accounts, etc.
  6. INVESTMENT: Under this option, there is a provision to make investment on Share Market considering the basic Risk Factors related to it.
  7. LOAN: Upon fulfillment of Terms and conditions of Bank’s Norms, one can apply for a Loan through it.
  8. SERVICE REQUEST: Request for Cheque Book, ATM cum Debit Card, PIN generate/reset, Block of ATM cum DEBIT Card, Activation of SMS Alert Service, etc can be done.
  9. UTILITY BILL PAYMENT/RECHARGE: Using this option, one can make the online payment related to Insurance like (SBI Life, LICI etc) and Recharge of Prepaid Mobile/DTH.
  10. TICKET BOOKING: One can avail the facility to Book Tickets for Journey in Train, Flight, etc.
  11. CASH BACK OFFER: Upon transaction, the SBI Rewards Points get accumulated which can be redeemed during various online transactions.


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