Agriculture and Organic Farming Model

Agriculture And Organic Farming Model

(Traditional agricultural development scheme)

We all are familiar with word Agriculture which means farming. People of rural area have a deep attachment to Agriculture and the urban people have a strong feeling of it. The various kinds of dishes prepared at home or the vegetables that we consume in food are actually the products of agriculture. Presently, Organic Agriculture  has its own immense significance. The method by which farming is done without harming nature, humans and animals is called Organic Agriculture or Organic Farming.

Inorganic Agriculture and its De-merits

To increase agriculture production more and more, chemical fertilizers and pesticides are used in large quantities and this method of farming is called Inorganic Agriculture. Though it increases the yield, but it reduces the quality of the crop and have bad impact on the fertility of the soil which affects our Eco-system too.

Organic Agriculture and its benefits

Organic Agriculture is the opposite of Inorganic Agriculture where chemical fertilizers and pesticides are not used. Cow dung, urine, compost manure, organic manure, vermi-compost, and green manure are used in it. All these have no ill effects on nature and are Eco-friendly. There is also a greater improvement in the quality of the product and the organic food prepared from it is beneficial for our health. Today the whole world is promoting Organic Agriculture. People are re-adopting organic agriculture and protecting the present generation from the side effects of chemical fertilizers.

Organic food which is prepare from the products of Organic Agriculture does not contain any harmful chemical elements. So, these are very beneficial for human health. Due to their high demand, the products of Organic Agriculture greatly benefit the farmers economically. Soil using organic manure increases the fertility of the soil and accordingly, increases the yield. Further, Organic farming does not require much water for irrigation and so  increases the groundwater level. Compost manure, Vermicompost is uses for Organic Farming. There is almost no use of chemical fertilizers which makes it

cost-effective in Organic Farming and puts less burden related to its expenditure of farmers.

Agriculture and Organic Farming Model – History of Inorganic Agriculture

Indian agriculture was not in a good state after independence. India’s grain storage had declined and in the 1960s, the situation was such that grains were import from some foreign countries. Traditional farming was not able to yield much yield. To avoid this formidable crisis, Green Revolution was brought to India. With the advent of the Green Revolution, Indian agriculture was transform and new machine systems, resources were being use in farming. Along with this, the use  of artificial fertilizer stared for higher yields in the fields. The Green Revolution had a huge impact on Indian agriculture. Production of wheat and rice doubled and India soon got out of the problem of grains and due to the Green Revolution, India became self-reliant in terms of grain.

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It is say that too much of everything is not always good. Whatever is a blessing for us, it can also become a curse too. This happen after some Green Revolution. The earth began to become toxic due to the wide use of chemical fertilizers. In many places, the groundwater level went down due to more irrigation. The stalk of the plants of Inorganic Agriculture began to use by the farmers as fodder. The affects the health of the animals. The beneficial pests also started disappearing due to excessive spray of pesticides. This affect the Eco-system badly. Due to all this, the emphasis on Organic Agriculture started and today the situation is that the whole world is moving towards Organic Agriculture.

Agriculture and Organic Farming Model- History of Organic Agriculture

All the traditional methods of farming were organic because in ancient times people did not have any knowledge of the inorganic method of farming. The history of organic agriculture is in a real sense, the history of real agriculture. Although there was a period of Inorganic Agriculture for some interval but now again governments around the world are promoting Organic Agriculture. Several NGOs are also working in these fields which train the farmers. Awareness is raising among the farmers about Organic Agriculture.

Today a positive wave of Organic Agriculture is running all over the world and many countries are far ahead in this phase. According to the report of the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture 2018, Australia, Argentina, China, and the United States have the highest number of Organic Land. To promote Organic Agriculture in India also, the Government of India has launched a Traditional Agricultural Development Plan aimed at accelerating the domestic production of Organic Products involving farmers. Along with this, there is a lot of emphasis on organic agriculture in the continents of Asia, Europe, Africa, etc.

Under Organic Agriculture, nowadays, many individuals have started growing vegetables and everything else at home. Time has come to adopt Organic Farming by each and every individual so that food we eat makes us healthy and get free from various diseases.


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