What is FASTag ? | Mandatory FASTag From Tonight

What is FASTag  | Else Pay Twice Toll Fee?

If you still don’t have FASTag service then there must be trouble for you. The concerned Ministry have made it compulsory to use FASTag for the payment of fees at the toll plaza. 4-Wheeler Vehicles not having FASTag will have to pay the double toll fee at the toll plazas from now onwards.

The ministry has declared all the lanes on national highways as the “FASTag lane of the Fee plaza. Any vehicle not having FASTag or without a valid or functional Fastag entering into the FASTag lane at a toll plaza have to pay amount as Penalty. The fine or penalty is equivalent to two times the fee applicable to the category of vehicle. Viz if your toll fee is 100 RS. Then you have to pay 200 if your vehicle does not have FASTag.This is in accordance with the announcement of the central government on 14 February 2021.

This step will enhance the payment of fees in digital mode and ultimately promote digital India. The system also contributes to reducing the waiting time at tolls and fuel consumption and provides a seamless passage through the fee plazas. It reduces the overcrowding of vehicles and saves time on your journey. It also helps the traffic situation. So if you don’t have your FASTag you must go and get your FAStag immediately.

How FTag works?

It is a device based on RFID ( Radio-frequency Identification) technology for making payments directly when the vehicle is in motion. It can be affixed on the windscreen of the vehicle. They are prepaid rechargeable tags for toll collection.

When the vehicle will come close to the toll plaza, there will be automatic deduction of Toll Fee amount from the bank account, mobile wallet, etc,. It is started under the National electronic toll connection program. Earlier FASTag was optional for the people so most of the people were not using it but to promote digitization government has made it compulsory from 15th February 2021.

How can you get FTag??

The National highway authority of India has set up 40,000 points of sale of FASTag. One can buy it from different commercial banks like ICICI, SBI, HDFC, BOB Etc. The online cost is Rs 500 iincluding refundable security amount. The remaining amount will be in the linked account or wallet. People can also order FASTag through online from banks and online payment service providers like Paytm and Amazon.
There are some mandatory documents for obtaining of the FTag.


You need to share the original registration copy of your vehicle because that tag will register all the information related to your vehicle in the electronic form and a personal identity card for the KYC process` You have to link this tag from your savings bank account or any mobile wallet service provider.
Your account should have the minimum amount of balance in the account. Upon completion of successful transaction, you will get a message instantly. It can save a great time and can solve the traffic condition of the country.

When you get the tag you have to affix it on the windscreen of your vehicle on the upper middle part. If your FTag is not valid or your account has not sufficient balance you have to pay the penalty which is double the actual toll fee. The amount of fee is based on the category of vehicle whether it is a commercial vehicle or a private vehicle.

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