bpcl share price nse india

BPCL Share Price NSE India (Buy and Sell of Shares through Stock Exchange)

BPCL Share price NSE indiaNow 30/01/2021= 385.75

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Money cannot be recognized as the Super Power to gain everything in this materialistic world,

but its importance cannot be ignored in the life of any human being.  Every human being

wishes to earn profit from their work done. Business has always been a priority for making

profits. Business is not only seen as a profit or loss, but in today’s era, through business, a

person connects his or her Social and Human relationship with another person.

Business is not limited only to the relationship of humans, but today all the nations

in the whole world are establishing relationships with each other. The reason for

mutual and good relations among nations is also related to business or trade.

There is a Profit in the business if the Selling Price of the goods is higher

than its Cost Price.  If the Selling Price of the goods is less than its Cost Price,

then there is a loss in the business. The Stock Market also follows the same

principle. Here investors buy shares and then sells it. A place where shares

are bought and sold is called Stock Exchange. It is a place where the investor e

arns money and loss money. There are many stock exchanges in India like

National Stock Exchange (NSE), Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE),

Kolkata Stock Exchange, Chennai Stock Exchange, Jaipur Stock Exchange, etc.

where shares are bought and sold.


NSE and BSE are the two largest National Stock Exchange companies in India where shares are traded. Both these companies are located in Mumbai. BSE is the oldest and first Stock Exchange in Asia Continent which was established in the year 1875 by Premchand Jaichand. At that time neither there was Computer nor have the Internet facility, due to which the Stock Market business was quite complicated. The purchase and sale of shares used to take a long time of six months or even more. In those days, there was a specific location or place called Stock Exchange where all categories of investors gather together and buy & sell shares. All the accounts related to it were recorded in the papers.

Time changed and with the advent of Computers and Internet Technology, there was an unprecedented change in the process of buying and selling shares on the Stock Exchange. It started with the establishment of the NSE in 1992. Now any interested investor can buy and sell shares from the comfort of their chairs at home. Unlike before, no paper works are required for trading of shares and related transactions gets completed within a few minutes. Just as banks are recognized by RBI (Reserve Bank of India) and Insurance Companies by IRDAI (Insurance and Regulatory Development of India), similarly NSE and BSE are also recognized by SEBI (Security and Exchange Board of India).

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According to Statistical Report, 5000+ companies are registered in BSE and 1600+ companies are registered in NSE. Through both Stock Exchanges, any investor can buy and sell shares of these registered companies.

Investment in the Share Market is risky where money is easily earned and lost. If investing on the Stock Market for the first time (beginners), then think twice before investment and adopt some safety precautions mentioned a under:-

  1. If financially strong, then only invest on the Stock Market so that the situation occurred due to loss, can be handled on its own and does not have any negative effect on human life.
  2. Any investor should collect and understand every information related to the Stock Market properly. It is strongly recommended to invest the minimum amount for the first time (beginners) so that accurate analysis can be done in case of loss. With this, one could be able to take the right decision and take next step in the right direction.

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